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The Apostle John had been exiled to the island of Patmos as punishment for declaring Jesus is the King of Kings. But God had a higher purpose. On a Sunday, John was caught up in the spirit where he heard a loud voice. "Wright down all that you see..." This is the "Revelation." A glimpse into the future - into Heaven itself.

Heaven is real. It's not a fabrication of poets and children. It's not a theory or sentimental wish. Heaven is a place more real than the life we now know. Heaven is where God lives; it's where Jesus came from, where He ascended to and where He will come from again.

Because of Easter morning, Heaven is now our home too. Those who have gone before wait there, ready to welcome us. Although the separation is painful, one day soon the sorrow will be a memory...and we will all be together with Jesus forever!

Walk with John as he walked through that last week of Jesus' ministry here on earth, His crucifixion and the events that led to John's exile...



Due to the nature of this performance, Parental Guidance is suggested.

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